It Works, It Really Works

It’s difficult to imagine the possibilities, unless you know how something works. Here’s how ButtonUp™ works. Each translucent sheet is home to 11 buttons that hold up to 4 photos, postcards, menus, etc. each. Equipped with 4 holes, ButtonUp™ can be suction cupped to a window for commercial use, can be tacked to a bulletin board or will fit perfectly on most commercial sized refrigerators.

It’s In The Details

At Pegell, we’re all about the details, so when we designed ButtonUp™ we wanted to make sure we thought of everything. We invented a good looking product with many uses and included a few extras with it, so you don’t have to go searching for additional supplies to complete a project. And did we say ButtonUp™ can be used at home or commercially? It’s just that versatile. Look for ButtonUp™ in specialty retailers in Oregon and Washington.


Revolutionary translucent sheet attaches easily to glass, drywall, wood, cubicle, steel;
Magnetic squares stick to buttons and hold up to 33 photos, menus, cards and lists;
Constructed from post-consumer recycled materials;
Clean and stylish;
Can be attached vertically or horizontally.                                                                                                                


Works with any décor, at home and at the office;
Eliminates clutter and the need for multiple fridge magnets;
Supports green living and the planet and is easy to clean with soap and water;
Maximizes space efficiency;
Adheres to glass and can be used to display photos, real-estate listings, event listings and spa services;
Your friends will envy you.